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Quality of Life

Lucky for us, there’s plenty of gorgeous scenery and recreational outdoor areas for the Cyber District community to enjoy.

With a variety of waterfront regions, national parks, and local community recreational areas there’s certainly a place for family and friends to spend time together and enjoy all that the district has to offer in the way of quality of life.


Photo credit: The Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau


There’s plenty of attractions in Aiken County South Carolina for both residents and visitors in way of outdoor recreational areas, family parks, and local attractions. If you’re interested in historical sites and local attractions be sure and visit the Aiken County Historical Museum, Redcliffe Plantation, DuPont Planetarium, and Aiken Thoroughbred Hall of Fame & Museum. However, if outdoor attractions are your preference there’s plenty of areas waiting for you to enjoy such as The Greeneway, North Augusta Riverview Park, Forks Area Trail System, Silver Bluff Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Hitchcock Woods, and Hopeland Gardens. In addition to these places there’s a variety of local parks that are a great time!

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Burke County’s parks and recreational spectrum is the epitome of family friendly. The focus of the area is activity for kids and adults alike. The region’s parks department is a healthy combination of ballparks, aquatic facilities, and gymnasiums. They have also recently built a new Burke County Public Library and Citizens Park Tennis Facility for the community to enjoy.

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The great outdoors is a key component of what makes Columbia County Georgia so spectacular and it is reflected in their great variety of outdoor activities. If you enjoy beautiful scenery, waterfront locations, Disc Golf and playing fetch with “man’s best friend” in the park then Columbia County has you covered. In addition to all of the outdoor facilities, be sure and visit the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem, GA to get your classic film fix.

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Edgefield County is steeped in rich history and offers a variety of museums and historical sites for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some of the best historical sites to see include the Winchester Museum, The Phoenix Factory’s Old Edgefield Pottery, Discovery Center,  and Oakley Park to name a few. Once you’ve absorbed all there is to offer in terms of historical knowledge, Edgefield offers soothing scenic areas to kick back like Slade Lake. So whether you’re seeking out a day filled with historical sites or outdoor activity, Edgefield county has you covered.

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From nature parks and fox hunting, family afternoons at the ballpark, and floating on Clarks Hill lake to canoeing and mineral collecting, there’s more than enough activity in Lincoln County to keep its residents and visitors pleasantly pleased. Considering Lincoln County is primarily comprised of revitalized historic downtowns and lakefront expanse, it’s no wonder there’s lots of bustling, authentic, unique activity occurring. So whether you’re looking to take the family boating or dig for Crystals at Graves Mountain, Lincoln County is jammed packed with great activities for you, your family, and your friends.

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Focused on providing quality recreation and leisure services to community members of all ages, McDuffie county offers and maintain parks and facilities for it’s residents. With a large focus of the parks and recreation community being outdoor activities, you can expect to enjoy hiking along the Beaver Trail boardwalk, fishing in one of the many McDuffie public fishing areas, or relaxing along the shores of Clarks Hill Lake. We’re sure that your family will be able to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors in McDuffie County Georgia.

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Augusta-Richmond county boasts over 70 maintained and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood and “pocket parks” for the community to enjoy. That doesn’t even include all of the recreational centers that the region has to offer. There’s a variety of playgrounds for families, waterfront trails, golf courses, athletic facilities, and boating options to go around. A must see of the area is the Augusta Riverwalk which hosts musical events, contains Japanese gardens, and an overlook for its patrons. Another popular destination for residents to enjoy is the Diamond Lakes Regional Park that is a welcoming community center complete with a library and athletic facility. Augusta-Richmond county has the ability to offer high quality city amenities with a healthy dose of wildlife and outdoor areas to create a unique and desirable parks and recreation destination for families and individuals.

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