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Grace Hopper Lane, Suite 3300, Augusta, GA 30901

Message from the Chairman

The Alliance for Fort Eisenhower serves as the catalyst for the Fort Eisenhower Cyber District to become a nationally recognized cyber center of excellence.  We collaborate with local, state, and federal public partners as well as our private partners in the areas of economic development, academia, cyber security, and local commerce.  Through these partnerships, the Alliance promotes the Fort Eisenhower Cyber District brand and inspires the building of the cyber-related ecosystem focused on cyber workforce, innovation, STEM education and high-tech capabilities throughout our region and states.  At our core is a best-in-class relationship between the Alliance, Fort Eisenhower, and our region. This is largely attributable to the fact that we are a stand-alone organization with this focus as its primary mission. Our efforts center on ensuring the success of the critical missions at Fort Eisenhower, knowing the increased importance of this military installation to our Nation’s security.

Stan Shepherd
Chairman, Alliance for Fort Eisenhower