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Grace Hopper Lane, Suite 3300, Augusta, GA 30901

First Lady visits Augusta Technical College


Augusta Technical College had the honor of hosting Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk, and US Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona on a momentous visit aimed at promoting education and workforce development. Dr. Biden’s commitment to expanding access to quality education and her unwavering support for community colleges made Augusta Technical College an ideal destination for her engagement.

During her visit, Dr. Biden participated in an interactive session with the Augusta Tech Cougars Manufacturing Camp, a free camp for 12-14 year old’s to Inspire middle-school age kids to consider a career in manufacturing, showcase the educational pathways of industrial mechanics, and expose disadvantaged student populations to the college campus and the hands-on nature of technical careers.

She also met with Mechatronics Instructor Ted Herlo and students Patrick Kling and Dustin Phillips, who demonstrated an assembly line process and showcased the vital role community colleges play in empowering students and bridging the skills gap in today’s rapidly evolving workforce. The event commenced with a warm welcome to community leaders, faculty, staff and students.

The First Lady emphasized the importance of investing in community colleges and applauded Augusta Technical College’s commitment to equipping students with the skills needed to thrive in high-demand industries. In a heartfelt address to a captivated audience, Dr. Biden spoke passionately about the critical role that community colleges play in creating pathways to economic opportunity.

“As a community college professor myself, I’m so excited to see how this work changes people’s lives. . . Because for most people, a high school diploma alone. . . it’s just not enough to find a great career. But that doesn’t mean that there’s only one pathway to success,” remarked Dr. Biden.

Augusta Technical College President, Dr. Jermaine Whirl, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Biden’s visit and her dedication to educational excellence. He stated, “Dr. Biden’s visit has invigorated our entire college community. We are immensely grateful for her support and commitment to advancing workforce development and promoting the value of community colleges nationwide.”

Dr. Jill Biden’s visit to Augusta Technical College underscored the critical role community colleges play in shaping the future of our nation’s workforce. Her unwavering advocacy for accessible education and her genuine interest in the success of students served as an inspiration to all in attendance.