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Retired RCSM reflects on Veterans Day, continues a life of service


Summarized by the Alliance for Fort Eisenhower
Published November 10, 2023

“My name is Clark, and I am a Soldier.”

Well-known and respected by fellow Signaleers, Dr. Tom Clark has worn many hats, but the one he’s most proud of is that of a United States Soldier – and he’s quick to let others know it.

Born in Danville, a borough in northeastern Pennsylvania, Clark enlisted under the Delayed Entry Program on June 19, 1979. The following year, he completed training as an antenna installation specialist (36D), earning him a place in the Signal Corps. For the next 32-plus years, Clark would climb the ranks, travel the world, lead thousands of Soldiers, endure combat, and reach milestones he once previously overlooked.

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